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In addition to our quality roofing products, Bill Wahl Supply carries a full line of roofing accessories and commercial products such as:

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air vents

electric roof air ventsAir Vent Inc's electric-powered attic vents use a thermostat to fight heat and a humidistat control ("All Season" model only) to help prevent moisture buildup inside the attic.

Featuring a low-profile dome, the power attic vent is unobtrusive when installed on the roof face slanting away from the front of your home. It's an efficient option to replace wind turbines or roof pots already in place.


Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated has been a leading designer and provider roofing ventilation systems of residential building products for over 130 years. The constant stream of innovations from Benjamin Obdyke helps to drive the residential roofing ventilation industry, from the original ridge vent on a roll to the latest developments in an ever expanding product line.

benjamin obdyke productsThe tradition of innovation continues today with Benjamin Obdyke's line of building products specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry, including roof ridge vents and underlayments for wood roofing and siding. Extensive, ongoing research lets Benjamin Obdyke remain in touch with industry trends in order to anticipate the needs of our customers and purposefully direct our product development. To ensure the quality of every innovation, all of our products are tested and certified by independent, third-party laboratories

trimline attic ventilationTrimline allows for contractors to use the right attic ventilation in the homes they are building, for it is as important as any other products you choose to use. Without it, your structure can suffer damage that can result in customer complaints that can affect your reputation. So using the correct attic ventilation system is an essential element.

attic ventilationThe concept of attic ventilation is simple -- use the natural forces of hot air rising and natural airflow to remove heat that can build up in the summer months and the heat and moisture that can accumulate in the winter. This hot and damaging air is continually replaced by cool, fresh air. It has been proven that continuous ridge ventilation along the entire ridge is the most efficient and effective method in maintaining proper attic ventilation.

dci productsDCI Products has been manufacturing and developing ‘cutting' edge technology for the roofing industry. Our goals are simple: To Design, Create & Innovate new smart vert shingle attice ventilationbuilding products and techniques that solve the issues of today's changing construction environment, Keeping our building products with Green Building Standards in mind, and Satisfying the ease of job site installation while not compromising the integrity of our building products.

SmartVent, Tapered Under Shingle Attic Ventilation, By DCI; use on eaves, shed-wall, dormer, off-peak, mid-roof, and valley. Intake & exhaust for all climates. Easy roof top installation. Virtually invisible from the ground.
mid-america siding productsVentilation and air circulation are an integral part of keeping a home comfortable while prolonging the roof's life. Mid-America's Ridge and Hip Vents are exceptional at keeping out weather and insects. These vents work with gables and hips and can be installed with virtually every commercial and residential roofing material. ridge and hip vents
mfm building productsMFM product line-up of sealing applicationsweather-resistant materials is extensive: sealing applications for numerous roof types (including low slope/low pitch configurations), block and poured concrete foundations, weatherproofing barriers for window and door installations, and flashing for chimneys, eaves, ducts, and skylights. Whether your project is new construction, an addition, upgrade or repair, rely on MFM Building Products Corporation for the best sealing solutions available.

skylights and doorsDome'l has been serving the building and skylight windows and accessories for contractorsconstruction industry for over 25 years. Founded in 1970, Dome'l has manufactured top quality glass and aluminum products and structures including bus stop/smoking shelters, high-rise balcony doors and skylights.

Dome'l doors and skylights are constantly upgraded by listening to our customers. Through innovative engineering for all our doors and skylights, we incorporated performance break-through's like: easy, fool-proof installations; energy efficient thermal insulation; life-time material warranties; high performance ratings; maximum glass area and many others. Dome'l's flexible manufacturing techniques allow for production of almost limitless designs.


velux skylightsVELUX skylights are designed for overhead, out-of-reach applications or for in-reach applications that do not require egress emergency escape capabilities. roof windows and skylightsThey come in a wide range of sizes and features.

Established in 1975, VELUX America is a branch of the VELUX Group charged with marketing and selling VELUX roof windows and skylights in the US. VELUX has been providing daylight and fresh air to people worldwide for over 60 years.


Starlight SkylightsStarlight Skylights, a top qualityand innovative skylight product, is the first and only skylight to offer the unique "Double Flashing" system for sloped, shingled roofs; a virtually leak-proof system that is absolutely tops in its class.

orca starlight skylightsStarlight Skylights, manufactured by ORCA Manufacturing, Inc., is available in a full range of commercial and residential models with a wide variety of glazing options. In addition to skylights, ORCA Manufacturing, Inc. produces commercial and residential enclosures and bus shelters. Our commitment to "Quality Service" is just one of the reasons Starlight Skylights has grown in popularity over the last 20 years.

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